Sunday 6th October


Cannock Chase Forest,

WS15 2UA


off road trail duathlon on the chase

Combining the best of our off road running and MTB event we’re taking the event one step further with a fun technical course to test every level of competitor! Young, old, experienced or newbie.


Set in the outstanding area of natural beauty, Cannock Chase lends itself perfectly to off road running and cycling events. With its rolling landscape and mixed trails it has something for everybody. We will be designing a course to test everybody’s ability yet still make it suitable and safe for beginners with easy lines should they be needed.


Expect twisty singletrack sections, hard lung busting climbs and exhilarating descents in a course designed for all weather conditions. Not doubt that there will be mud and puddles but we intend the bike course to be 100% ride-able.


As with all of our events you will find a relaxed social atmosphere to the day. We like it when the top guys and girls come and compete but they get the same support and acknowledgment as everybody else. We try to encourage all the family to come along and have a go so you will find race options for young children right the way up... racing for everybody!



Course Profile

We’ve been and competed in a number of Off Road Duathlons and always end up disappointed with the quality of the courses. You’ll be pleased to know that both the Run and Bike course will be on real off road trails. Expect lots of tight twisty single track, short sharp climbs and fast and fun downhills. The ground in Cannock Chase is mostly sand and gravel based so it drains very well meaning its suitable for all year round riding. Saying this please expect to get wet and muddy... it's part of doing events at this time of year. The terrain isn’t particularly rocky and we will not be including any dangerous technical sections such as jumps or drops. This means it’s challenging for the fast riders who will hit sections at speed whilst manageable for newbies riding or running the sections at a slower pace.

Race Schedule

Signing On Opens – 8.30am Start Times

  • Short Course – 9.15am
  • Medium Course – 11am
  • U12s – 1pm
  • Long Course & Relay – 1.30pm
Prize Presentation – 30 Minutes after 3rd place has finished

Race Category's

If you’re are unsure of which category to choose then these descriptions below should help. Beginners Category (Short Course) As the name suggests this is for beginners or those who like to take part but aren’t looking to thrash everybody in the field. You may be trying this kind of event for the first time ever or just want to come along and take part. An opportunity to have a race over a short course without any pressure. Fun Category (Medium Course) You’ve got an average level of fitness but would describe yourself as a racer. Perhaps you’ve more of a bikers than runner or more a runner than biker but wouldn’t describe yourself as good at both. Enthusiast (Long Course) The next step up. You’ll have done a fair amount of racing in your time and most likely train a good few times a week. Performance is key and you aim to finish in as high position as possible, beating as many people as possible. Relay (Long Course) We offer a relay category which is made up of a team of 2. 1 competitor will do the run sections and the other competitor the biking.

Race Rules

  • Helmets must be worn at all times whilst you are on course with your bike
  • Your bike must be in good working order and suitable for the terrain. We recommend having it serviced by your local store a week before the event
  • Suitable clothing must be worn
  • Abusive or offensive behaviour towards the organizers or other competitors will not be tolerated. Please refrain from using any offensive language
  • Please remember that you will be in a public place and whilst we have the backing from the Forestry Commission to use the land we must still share it with other members of the public
  • Please be courteous towards other competitors when passing other riders. If passing a back marker please give them plenty of warning that you will pass on the left or right. You must then wait for a suitable moment.
  • Riding of bikes will not be allowed in the transition area
  • For the relay teams, one member must be on course at all times. The baton must be carried by the team member on course
  • For the relay team you must have one runner and one rider only
  • The paper race number is to be pinned to the front of your running top. The bike number is to be fastened to the front of the bike
  • This is a “Fun” event and not the World Championships. Relax, enjoy, have a bit of banter and enjoy your day out



Tackeroo Camp Site
Penkridge Bank Road
Nr Rugeley
WS15 2UA
The venue at Tackeroo is ideal for holding events at. Easily accessible from the north or the south Tackeroo is around 15 minutes from the M6 motorway junctions at Cannock (South) or Stafford (North).

Cancellation & Detail Changes

We will be happy to process any cancellations up until 2 weeks before the event. Cancellations will carry a £2.50 admin fee. You will also have the option to change details, move category or transfer entries to another rider or have a refund. This can be done through the entry site. Transfer of entries will carry a surcharge of £2.50 All transfers and refund can be done through the Racespace website. Log into your account and click on “my entries” for further details No changes or refunds after this date.


Please follow the signage from Penkridge Bank to the car park area. From there you will be directed to the start / finish arena. We recommend that you arrive at this area at least 45 minutes before the start of the event. Before you can start you’ll need to sign on and collect your numbers. 1 will need to be fitted onto your bike with zip ties (given when signing on) and then the 2nd pinned onto the front of your top. Then you’ll need to get your bike kit together ready to place into the transition area. This can be put into a small box if makes it easier for you. You won’t be able to get into the transition area without your number on your bike so please register first and rack your bike second. There will be a secure bag storage area for you to leave clothing / keys etc. Spend some time and warm up before the start and make sure you wear suitable clothing for winter conditions. The start area can get quite windy so a windproof jacket and full length bottoms are recommended. About 15 minutes before the start, head over to the start area. Keep warming up and wait to be called up to the start.


We understand that friends and family may wish to come along and watch you suffer. Therefore we’ve done our best to keep the course as close to the start / finish arena as possible. The course makes a figure of 8 shape around the arena meaning spectators don’t have to walk far to see and support you a number of times. Entry and parking is free for spectators so please invite friends and family along.


The transition area will be fully marshalled and open to competitors only. Competitors will only be able to enter or leave the transition area with their bike if the bike race number matches their jersey race number. Please ensure you register and collect your numbers before you try to enter transition. Please don’t ask family or friends to try and collect your bike and kit from transition after the event. We have this strict rule to protect your belongings. We will only have to turn them away.