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27-29th July


Newnham Park,

Plymouth, PL7 5BN


4 day off road cycling festival

Now in it's thirteenth year!


A 4 day off-road cycling festival built around a 12 / 24 hour endurance event. TwentyFour12 is biggest mountain bike endurance event in the UK with 4 days of exciting events for all ages and all the family.

Twentyfour12 is an endurance Mountain Bike Race around a course of approximately 12km, entirely off road, with a family friendly festival vibe.


Whilst the main part of the event is the 24 / 12hr event we also have so much more happening such as the 10km Trail Run on Thursday evening. On Friday we have an Ultimate USE Enduro MTB event using 6 famed sections within Newnham Park.


On top of all that we've got bike demos, more live music than ever before, trade stands, social rides, FREE Camping and much much more.



12 Hour Races (Saturday Start)

Solo (18yrs + )

  • Yes that’s right just you and your bike doing as many laps as you can in the time allowed. There are two solo categories under 40 and over 40. Please note minimum age to enter the 12hr race is 16yrs
Pairs (16yrs +)
  • 2 of you means someone to hand over when you’re tired, wet, injured or you just fancy a brew, men, women and mixed pair categories available.
Teams of 4 (16yrs +)
  • 4 of you spread the load, which means strategy and planning or just arriving at transition to find noone there and shouting very loudly until your cries are heard. Also means that not everyone needs amazing lights with plenty of opportunity to recharge both yours and the lights battery.
  • Riding the 12 hour event means you get to finish at midnight sit round the barbie, crack open some beers and heckle the brave souls who are carrying on for the full 24.

6hr Fat Bike (Saturday)

The event will start at 11am on Saturday as part of the main race. We will be offering 2 categories for the event which are Male and Female. Fat Bike Rules:

  • 3.8″ Tyres and above only fitted to 26″ or 27.5″ size wheels only
  • Only laps up to the 8pm cut off will count
  • No E-Fatties
Single Speed Rules:
  • No Gears
Please be prepared for scrutinising before the start of the event. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 in each category We are also offering a Single Speed (doesn't have to be a Fat Bike) category. Again Male & Female categories available.

24 Hour Races (Saturday Start)

Solo (18yrs +)

  • Keith Bontrager says you don't race for 24 hours solo, you just exist. Well that may be true but there are some mad people out there who do it regularly and can perform well without any sleep. These people usually have a dedicated team of helpers keeping them fed, watered and working (often affectionately known as pit bitches). These people should be marvelled at and celebrated (riders and bitches). This category is limited to 100 riders. For 2021 Exposure TwentyFour 12 will host the National 24hr Solo Championships (TBC).

Pairs (18Yrs +)
  • Same as 12 hour pairs...except twice as long. In many riders opinion 24 hour pairs is harder than 24 hour solo for deep psychological reasons... try it and you'll agree. This category also sells out...we have no idea why it is popular... prizes will be awarded for top 3 in each category.

Open Teams (18Yrs +)
  • 4 riders in a relay format, you can choose who goes when and whether they ride 1, 2 or 3 laps at a time (this means less changing over and less time wasted in the relay transition), this also means that you just be able to get some sleep but make sure you have a good alarm clock for that 4am changeover. There are male, female, mixed and Veteran categories.

Kids Racing (Saturday)

On the Saturday morning it's time for the kids to take to the start line for the 12 or 24minute XC race. The U16's and Under 12's will race over a slightly longer more technical course for 24 minutes whilst the U10's and U8's will complete on a slightly shorter course for 12 minutes. For 2020 the kids races will be "chip timed"

  • Wolverines - U16's
  • Sabres - U12's
  • Storms - U10's
  • Rogues - U8's

Torchbearer12 9 (Sunday Evening)

This race offers solos only at a crazy time and a lot more darkness to contend with. There will be a separated start area to spread out the Torchbearer riders before joining the main course. The Torchbearer12 starts at Midnight and finishes at Midday on Sunday.


Pivot TwentyFour12

As the name suggests there are multiple races taking place at the same time on the same course. We have a 24hour race and a 12hour race starting at 11am. The 12hr then finishes at 11pm whilst the 24hr continues on until 11am Sunday.

Which race do I choose?

Well ask a few questions of yourself first:

  1. Have you raced your Mountain Bike off road before?
  2. Do you have people who will be able to keep you and your bike moving?
  3. Do you have high quality lights with a long ‘burn time’ (how long they will last before needed recharging).
  4. Can you perform well with little or no sleep?
  5. What preparation will you do?
  6. Will it freak you out being alone in the dark woods at night?
There are lots of other questions but this event is meant to be endurable and enjoyable so if you have lots of No answers to those questions then you should really be thinking about getting some like minded souls together to form a team or a pair, this will make the weekend more sociable and will aid your ability to prove that you spent the weekend taking part in a 24 hour mountain bike race, challenging yourself and creating memories to tell everybody when you go back to work on the Monday.

Race HQ

Newnham Park Plymouth PL7 5BN Link to Google maps here.

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